Ever So Sexy

Ever so Sexy is a British online lingerie boutique that has beautiful and sexy lingerie in their stocklist, and that strives to give people the best possible shopping experience. I have to admit: being able to chat with an operator on-site (if he/she is online) is a great little extra!

Ever so Sexy

What brands does Ever So Sexy sell?

  • Diki
  • Kiss me Deadly
  • Lola Luna
  • Luxxa
  • Mar Egeu
  • ...

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Roza Kasiopea Lace Chokers Now Available at Ever So Sexy

Recently in our forums, everwicked asked where to find the lace choker shown with this Kasiopea set by Roza Lingerie: Gill Fernandez from Ever So Sexy (screenname Gillf) let us know that the choker wasn’t available and was made only as an accessory for the photo shoot. Only weeks later, she has managed to convince […]
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Your Lingerie Business Needs YOU

This could be a moment for some sombre thoughts. In the last few weeks in the UK a number of small to medium size wholesale lingerie businesses have bit the dust and no doubt many retailers are hanging on by their finger tips if they have so far survived this recession. This week news broke […]
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New Delicious Thongs at Ever so Sexy

TLP Favorite Ever so Sexy has just added seven new Delicious Thongs to their already well-packed e-boutique. My personal favorite is this Flamenco Open Thong, “an exclusive limited edition luxury thong made in black Austrian Tulle. The black tulle is adorned with a red rose and black satin rose buds at the front and back […]
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News from Ever So Sexy

Our good friends at Ever So Sexy have some excellent news for us. First up: they’ve added Sonata Lingerie! The label by Lithuania-born Sonata Rapalyte recently launched a webshop of their own — but as we love customer service at Ever So Sexy we gladly recommend them! To compliment the Lola Luna range they’ve also […]
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